She Just Keeps Growing!

Hayden turned 2 months old on Tuesday… and today she is celebrating a full 9 weeks of life! Obviously both milestones got photoshoots!

We also ended up getting into her 2 month appointment early! She is an impressively sized baby, especially since the growth charts are all based on formula fed babies (who are usually larger at the beginning). She is in the 90% for height, 75% for weight, and a shocking 50% for head size… apparently she didn’t get the 102+% head her brother and sister have!

The 3-6 months clothing size is a bit misleading, but I chose to write that more as a reminder for myself that she has COMPLETELY outgrown 0-3 month sleepers. Though they still have plenty of room to grow on her side to side, she is so long I practically have to break her little legs to get them into 0-3 month sleepers and we are upgrading!

Since we got her check up in early, we also headed up to Mom Rom and Pop-Pop’s house earlier than planned. A and I were remarkably impressed with how well all 3 of our children did on the car ride. This was our first trip without a DVD player so we were totally reliant on imaginations, naps, or some brief periods of using mommy or daddy’s phones to watch netflix. The past few times we’ve done this drive we have had a DVD player, but on the last trip one of the kids kicked our second one (the first one met the same demise) and broke it so A and I are refusing to buy another one until the kids are old enough to know not to kick it. We (as usual) broke the drive up into two days and stayed in a “show and tell” (Mason’s pronunciation of a hotel) overnight which is always exciting for the kids. This was also our first trip with 3 kids, so packing was quite the interesting task since we are no longer able to fold the back row down and have lots and lots of room. Anyway, we are here safe and sound and sent Daddy home yesterday (he will come back up and join us at the beach before we drive home as a family). Now, onto some pictures of Miss Hayden!

IMG_1590 IMG_1580IMG_1611 IMG_1597 IMG_1623


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8 Weeks!!

Hayden is 8 weeks. WHAT?!? I don’t even know how time has gone this fast. I don’t have much to say this time about developments. Hayden is regularly smiling, but not when we have a camera out. She also seems extraordinarily long and has started outgrowing her 3 month sleepers… we’ve moved on to 6 month and they are not crazy big, which seems crazy to me. Tomorrow we will be headed into the pediatrician for her 2 month well visit, I can’t wait to find out her actual stats – especially weight! She nurses all the time and lots of days I make it through by reminding myself that “this must be a growth spurt and it will end.” Except it hardly ever ends, she nurses a lot… or she nurses more. But either way it feels like she nurses all day. Speaking of nursing? Audrey is alllllll about nursing. I’m pretty much over it. Nursing her is SO MUCH different than nursing Hayden… and not always in good ways. She isn’t nice about being denied nursing and she wants to nurse all day the ENTIRE day. More on nursing both the girls later… for now, here’s some pictures of little miss H.

IMG_1570 IMG_1552 IMG_1547

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I Heart My Neighbors.

My neighbors are photographers. We’ve been through this before. I did a Mommy/Baby session with them when we first moved here, and we also did a Trash the Dress session together. Well, as I’m sure you can imagine… we did some Maternity and Newborn sessions with them as well. And today I FINALLLLLY (it really hasn’t been that long, I’m just impatient) got the CD and the rights to share them. So…. time to share!!

The first time we tried maternity pictures it ended up being an unusually frigid and windy day outside. So we took our shoot inside and just did some portraits. Unfortunately, the kids were in NO MOOD to cooperate. We did still get some pretty cute shots – very impressive if you ask me. Audrey had to be woken up from a nap to go down and had woken up that morning with a cold. So to say she was cranky is beyond an understatement.

BM(13)BM(7) BM(10)Since that shoot went so fantastically terribly, we decided to try again with just me since I’m usually a much more cooperative subject than my toddler children.

BM(23) BM(22) BM(45)Don’t worry – we took a picture with a blue scarf too :) They wanted to have something for their portfolio as a gender reveal idea… and well, I was no good at that. This next maternity picture is hands down my favorite. I know it’s probably my Mom’s least favorite (she hates that I have tattoos), but I LOVE that they focused in on the names and left me and my big ole tummy blurry, but still visible. Such a cool picture!

BM(34)Then Hayden was born (which reminds me I still need to write a birth story) and we went back to get some pictures of her. OF COURSE she chose that day to change up her sleeping patterns and spend almost the entire session wide awake and ready to eat/play. That said, Events In Focus was still able to get some really adorably sweet pictures of her!

BH(6) BH(15) BH(13)BH(26)Is she not the most gorgeous baby you’ve ever seen?? Once again, I am astounded at the work these guys do. If you’re looking for a Charleston photographer, Events In Focus is the place to go.

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7 Weeks!

Well it’s late. Like it’s almost not Thursday anymore and I’m just now getting around to posting pictures. So I’ll keep this short. Hayden is as cute as ever. She is a million miles long and likes to see the world. She talks to us more often, and laughs at us occasionally. She is full of smiles, and reminds me of her brother in that she likes to stand up and almost always has her little tiny legs locked. This week I had a lot of trouble with her photoshoot – she had no desire to look at me and got angry when I rolled her onto her tummy (she usually loves tummy time).

IMG_1328 IMG_1321 IMG_1313

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

We’ve got some friends in from out of town – actually my boss from Lil’ Tulips!! We’ve had a fun filled 3 days, but realized today that we never even took them to the beach!! This evening, after a long morning at the pool, we headed out to the beach for dinner and to play. Unfortunately, my baby brain hit hard and I neglected to bring a single beach toy for the children (though I did remember my camera to take cute pictures of them playing with said toys). We didn’t want everyone all the way in the water, so I ran over to a beach store and bought each of the kids a $5 kite. Mason and Vana (both around 4 years old) played with their kites for approximately 3 minutes. Audrey played with hers for around an hour and a half. Audrey’s kite was probably one of the best $5 investments ever made.

IMG_1296 IMG_1232 IMG_1234 IMG_1240 IMG_1252 IMG_1256 IMG_1274Mason spent most of the evening digging in the sand and Vana and Jenny spent most of their time walking the surf and finding sea shells. Aren’t they just too cute?



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Reflux Sucks. Hazelwood Rules.

Hayden has reflux. I noticed pretty early on that she was the first of my babies I had to actually burp after feeding. Mason and Audrey NEVER burped… like ever. We tried to burp them for the first two weeks and when we never ever got anything we gave up and stopped even trying. Hayden on the other hand lets out at least one rolling burp after every single feeding. She rivals burps from teenage boys and really lets the house know. In fact, she often burps and then goes back for more since the air is out and she suddenly has more room in that little tummy.

About 2 weeks into her little life, she started showing all the telltale signs of reflux. She was arching her back and grunting not only after feedings, but during them, and was showing obvious signs of pain. I was more and more certain that I’d have to call in to the pediatrician and get her a reflux prescription. I wasn’t too upset, but I do have a pretty strong dislike for medicine in general since I’ve had a few nasty reactions to it. When necessary, the kids and I take medicine… but not unless it’s absolutely necessary, so I decided to try a couple natural remedies first. I’d heard that eliminating dairy and/or gluten from Mom’s diet can help a ton… but honestly I’m not sure what’s worse – Hayden on medication or me without dairy. I am an avid milk drinker (think about a quart a day) and crave it when I travel and don’t have access to enough milk. Me without dairy is like the World without sunshine – we’d probably survive, but not at all happily.

Eventually, i resigned myself to calling the Pediatrician and getting Hayden some reflux meds when the lightbulb went off! As you might remember, I’ve been working with Healing Hazel since last summer. Right now, I have a nice big box of samples in my house that are waiting for me to find bloggers to host reviews and giveaways (if you’re a blogger and interested – email me!). For some reason I never even thought of taking a necklace for our family – for Hayden in particular! When Audrey had hers on, it was pretty… but I’m not sure it made any difference other than aesthetics. We put Hayden’s on (admittedly a little big), and HOLY COW.

Natural cure for acid reflux

The difference was pretty instantaneous. With her necklace on, Hayden doesn’t grunt or arch her back. She isn’t in any visible pain and she has not once ended a nursing session in tears (did I mention that was happening sometimes? It was). We are both so much happier when Hayden has her hazelwood on. Take it off for a day and we are right back at the grunting and back arching, so I have to believe it’s working some serious magic. It also looks way adorable having an infant in a necklace. But that’s just a silly little side point.


Hayden’s necklace is one of Healing Hazel’s new pendant necklaces – each one has a single “big” (not very big) pendant bead to just make it a little more fashionable. I love the pink crystal bead, but there are tons of options (both boy and girl!) to choose from. They aren’t listed on the Healing Hazel site just yet since they are brand new, but should be available for purchase soon! In the meantime, you can enter to win one from me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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6 weeks

Hayden is 6 weeks. I can’t even believe it. Yesterday I had my 6 week appointment. It was pretty uneventful apart from hearing that this insanely intense pain I’ve been feeling the past week MIGHT LAST FOREVER. When she told me that, I almost cried. What’s the pain I’m talking about?? LET ME TELL YOU. Last Wednesday, I got brave and went to Target with all three children on my own. Thursday my pain started. It occasionally felt like someone was pinching me, HARD, in one spot of my incision. I didn’t think too much of it, but it kept happening. Every hour or so I’d get this pain and while it didn’t last long, it got progressively more intense as the day went on. Friday I continued having the pain and instead of feeling like a pinch, it almost felt like a stab instead. I decided it was about time to call my doctor… even though I was rather worried about what would be said. “Superficial Nerve Interruption” was the diagnosis. I didn’t actually have a chance to talk to my doctor and since the nurse called back just an hour before the office closed she let me know that if I was able to wait until the office opened on Tuesday I could come in then, but that I should “probably go to the ER because the pain is just going to get worse.” And worse it got. It’s now an almost blinding pain, but thankfully it only lasts about 5 seconds, and doesn’t happen nearly as much as it was at first. I ended up not going to the ER and I also didn’t go in on Tuesday since i already had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday. After talking to my doctor, and having her double check that it wasn’t an infection or tear she informed me that 9 years after her twins were born, she still has a nerve that acts up. FUN.

Hayden is still her awesome self. She doesn’t so much like to sleep during the day anymore, and absolutely despises being out of arms, but she sleeps exceptionally well at night so I’ll take it. She must be growing like a weed because the past two days she has done NOTHING but eat the entire day. She thinks she can hold her head up like a big kid and surprisingly enough, she actually kinda can. She has started to smile at us – like real, intentional smiles – and it is SO COOL to see.

IMG_1208 IMG_1189

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This week, A and I avoided leaving the house on Memorial Day for fear of the crowds. It was GORGEOUS here, but we stayed home and played here instead of going to the beach or pool or anywhere “fun.” Then yesterday, we packed up the kids for a promised, and much anticipated, beach trip. I adore the beach, but have said more than once there’s just not a way for me to do it without A (and possibly a few other reinforcements) now that there’s 3 children and all of their necessary things to tote back and forth. Our new neighbors mentioned a Navy Recreational Facility that’s not too far from our house and mentioned he avoids the beach like the plague since the lake and this facility is SO MUCH easier, less crowded, and just as fun for the kids. We decided to give it a shot and headed out yesterday!

The morning started off disastrous and with two grumpy and seriously uncooperative kids, I almost bagged the trip before we left the house. But leave we did, and when we got there I was beyond happy I hadn’t cancelled. In actuality, we ended up at the state park right next to the Recreational Facility, but it was still a ton of fun and we ended up staying almost the entire day – something we’ve never done at the beach!! The car was maybe 200 feet (probably less, I’m terrible at judging distance) from us the entire time, we had a shaded pavilion, calm waters for the kids to swim in, and apart from a rather vocal duck we had the beach almost entirely to ourselves!

IMG_1067 IMG_0943 Yes, I know. They are beyond adorable. And they had so much fun.

IMG_0934 IMG_0949Audrey is a little fish. She has no fear of the water and can actually swim fairly well. Mason loves the water too, but he’s much more comfortable with it when wearing his floaties. Audrey actually walked out to where the water was up to her neck without her floaties while holding A’s hand… but was remarkably well behaved about sticking to the shallow parts when we weren’t in the water with her.

IMG_1074 IMG_1045 IMG_1126 IMG_1105Hayden and I spent most of the day under the pavilion basking in the shade. If you check my Instagram feed, you’ll see lots of pictures of her – but I didn’t take many of her with my camera, that was reserved for the big kids for some reason :) I did however take a couple of the bigger kids while they snacked on crackers, then headed back into the sunshine and forgot to change my settings. I absolutely hate that I had to doctor these pictures so much to salvage them. From now on I need to check my settings every.single.picture.

IMG_1015IMG_0991We had an amazing time and have decided we absolutely must return… SOON. I even felt like once Hayden is a little older – once she can wear sunscreen and sit up mostly – I could handle a solo. We can’t wait for the next set of visitors to come to town… because we’re taking whoever it is to the lake!!!

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5 Weeks

This week it finally seems as though time has slowed down to a normal pace. The first 4 weeks were an absolute whirlwind, which probably had something to do with the fact that we had a constant stream of visitors. This week, my brother headed home and it’s been back to the old humdrum of regular old life here in our house. Hayden has been spending more and more time awake and seems to smile more and more (though I have still yet to capture one on camera). I’m hoping that I’ll figure out soon enough what I’m supposed to do with her now that she’s awake. It’s hard to remember this stage with Mason and Audrey. I don’t ever remember having them awake but not sitting up or doing something. I’m sure that they both did… but I don’t remember it and now that Hayden’s at this stage I just kinda look at her and wonder what I’m supposed to do with her while she’s awake.

Mason has finally started caring about her. He will hold her hand or rub her head sometimes, but he’s also made his boundaries abundantly clear. If her diaper should so much as brush his arm he is across the room in less than 1 second. He let me know the other day that he doesn’t like her diapers because babies poop in diapers and diapers are gross.

Here’s little miss Hayden and her 5 week pictures!

IMG_0922 IMG_0912 IMG_0906

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She’s One Month!

Hayden is one month today. This past month has flown by. I’m not sure if that’s because we’ve had family and friends in town for all but 6 days, or if it’s because life with three kids is always going to be an insane whirlwind, but regardless the month is over and I’m not sure how it happened. Hayden decided today was the day she would change up everything. I wrote the post about her sleeping 2 days ago. And just like always, as soon as I wrote the post things changed. The past 2 nights, Hayden decided that the hours of 2 to 4 am were party hours. It was far from fun for anyone but Hayden. Yesterday she stuck to her normal daytime schedule… today? She has taken 2 one hour naps. My one month old baby slept less than Audrey, my 2 year old, does on most days. She also stayed awake and alert until about 10pm this evening before finally falling asleep. I’m pretty positive that at this point she has just given up on sleep, and I seriously hope we don’t have a party this evening since I may not survive it if she doesn’t sleep some more.

In other news, it wouldn’t be a month milestone if I didn’t have some pictures for all of you!! Introducing my Lovely Lamb!

IMG_0865 IMG_0846

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