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It’s her turn to smash!

Many of you may remember when we had our good friend Jenn take pictures of Mason smashing the cake. Well if you follow me on Instagram, you already know Audrey had her turn today! We headed out to Jenn’s house … Continue reading

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Pretty Girl, Big Weekend

This weekend, we headed up to Baltimore to visit family, and for TNB’s Christening. Her Christening was today, and we had a ton of fun visiting with family and friends. We are back home now and tired but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Milestones and Mommy

I am not the same type of parent to TNB as I was (and am) to M. It amazes me how different my parenting style is with the two of them. I don’t know if it’s boy vs. girl, first … Continue reading

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Day 3/3 -Potty Training

Today was a pretty good day. Late last night (and by late I mean around 9:30) M FINALLY peed one last time on the potty and went to bed. I know, I updated before he was asleep – I wrote … Continue reading

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Day 1/3 – Potty Training

Day 1 is over. Sorta. Now we have night 1, which I think is probably going to be even harder than the daytime… but whatever. I have a few minutes to update and I know everyone is dying to hear … Continue reading

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His Last Day

Today is M’s last day in diapers. I’m saying that confidently because I’m praying that will help the next few days go smoothly. Tomorrow morning, we start the 3 Day Potty Training Method. I’ve heard fantastic things about it, though … Continue reading

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My not so little babies

I figured it’s been awhile since I did any detailed updates on the kids. Plus, with moving away I know our family (and some close friends) are always super curious about what the kiddos are up to. Of course, I’m … Continue reading

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The Big Girl Seat

So I think by now, we all know TNB is a big girl. So it wasn’t really a big surprise to me or A when she quickly became too heavy to comfortably tote her around in the infant carrier. We … Continue reading

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A pig with no teeth

Lately, we’ve been having some issues with TNB and food. Not that she won’t eat… that she WANTS TO EAT EVERYTHING! We started oatmeal awhile ago, moved quickly into baby food when that wasn’t enough for her, and now she’s … Continue reading

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Her Half Birthday

TNB was 6 months old yesterday! Can you believe it??? Here’s her Babycenter milestones: Mastered skills (most can do) Turns toward sounds and voices – yes Imitates sounds – kinda?? She is a talker. I don’t know that she imitates … Continue reading

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