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What are you thankful for? We’re all thankful for our family and friends. Our children. Our health. We’re thankful for everything we have. But this week, Chewable Jewels (and me!!!) want to know the little things you’re thankful for. Actually, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, from all of us


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Happy {Almost} Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween! It’s just a week away and I am so darn excited. This year, we really had to step up our Halloween game. As I mentioned before, the neighborhood is big into Halloween, and we were told that … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Katie and Austin. It was such a fun time. Katie’s mom is super talented at sewing, and has her own etsy store, Turtle Soup. She made TNB a GORGEOUS … Continue reading

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A Halloween Party with Kmart

When we first moved into this neighborhood I was told almost right away that Halloween was a big deal here. That was in July. Now, it’s October… and Halloween isn’t just big. It’s OUT OF CONTROL! My neighborhood has more … Continue reading

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Yankee Candle and a taste of Christmas

I know, I know, it’s only September. Halloween hasn’t even happened and I’m already talking about Christmas?? Yes. Yes I am. But that’s because Yankee Candle has the most amazing holiday scents ever and I have them in my house … Continue reading

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He’s Crafty!

Here’s the sucky thing about having your family read your blog. Sometimes, you have something that’s just too good not to post. But if that something is also a gift for your family you either keep your lips sealed or … Continue reading

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Easter Part 2

Well, to say things have been busy since my last post is a severe understatement. When M woke up from his nap yesterday, we headed back over to Mom Rom and Pop Pops – this time with Daddy M was … Continue reading

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Easter Part 1

This entire weekend is going to be crazy busy for us. We are only half way through day 1 and Mommy needs a nap! A had to work overnight last night and so I wanted to get the kids out … Continue reading

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Cost of Baby – Month 2

Can you believe it’s been almost 2 months already??? I can’t! Anyway, here’s the costs for this month… and a couple I forgot last month Since I’m a planner, this month also includes her Easter basket, which is all packed … Continue reading

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