Uncle Paul at the Fountains!

Uncle Paul got here to visit today and boy oh boy are the big kids excited. Hayden is obviously excited too since she spent a solid 3.5 hours awake this evening while I was trying to work and get to this post!!! Today we headed off to a local park that has water fountains to play in. We’ve been to similar places before, but hadn’t actually been to these fountains. They were perfect for the kids, and Mason and Audrey (and maybe Uncle Paul too) had A BLAST playing in them.

IMG_0656 IMG_0635IMG_0639


“I’m not sitting on the fountain. There’s no water here.”

IMG_0754Mason surprises me so often lately. One second he looks so grown up and big… and the next second so… NOT.

IMG_0688IMG_0708After some fun in the fountains, A and Uncle Paul took the big kids out on a paddle boat while Hayden and I sat in the shade relaxing (which was also what she did during the fountain play – exciting life that one).

IMG_0716 IMG_0722Overall a super fun day – made even better by the fact that Uncle Paul got to see a wild alligator from the paddle boat, nobody got so much as a skinned knee (though Audrey did point out her old, scabbed up skinned knee and told Paul she had just done it), and everyone had some fun. Until next time… KEEP SMILING!


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  1. Mom rom says:

    I love love love this post. Glad everyone is having fun.

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