That time when you feel like the best mom in the whole world

What makes you feel like the best mom in the world? I felt pretty awesome when we took the kids to Yo Gabba Gabba at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. And now? Well, now I’m going to get the chance to feel just that awesome again. Because we’re headed to SuperWhy! Live!!! Mason is big into SuperWhy! lately. I like it because it’s a little more educational than some of the other shows out there and he likes it because they are superheros…. well, super readers if you want to be technical ;)

SuperWhy! Live is doing a pretty limited tour (considering how far Yo Gabba Gabba went!), but we are lucky enough that they’ve chosen Charleston as one of the locations to visit. Just watching this video from the creator of SuperWhy! and the director of SuperWhy! Live makes me know it’s going to be amazing for Mason (and Audrey too, but she doesn’t get as into it as he does).

So… want to come with us to SuperWhy!? I thought you might!! Obviously I’d LOVE to meet up with the winner and your family just to say hi… but that’s not a requirement for the giveaway! The only requirement is that you live in Charleston, or are able to get here for the show!

If you don’t live in Charleston, don’t fret!! Check the tour schedule, and be sure to be following me on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully I’ll be getting the opportunity to pass down some discount codes as well for tickets!

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6 Responses to That time when you feel like the best mom in the whole world

  1. Bridgette says:

    I love super why because its educational and it brings a smile to my 3yr old sons face. And even though my twins are only 8mos old they love the songs. My son loves them for the songs and solving the puzzles and letters.

  2. renee nalley says:

    My son loves Super Why! He loves being able to help them solve the stories together!

  3. alyssa barnes says:

    My 2yr old loves super why! He runs up to the tv when he hears the theme song chanting ‘why,why’! I love how educational this show is! Definetly one of the best shows out there for little ones!

  4. Katie says:

    I love it because it keeps Austin occupied & he knows all his letters so I feel like he’s smart hehe
    Katie recently posted..Embrace The Camera, & The Snuggles…

  5. Katherine says:

    My daughter loves the fairy tale theme of Super WHY!

  6. Mommy Boots says:

    OMG I wish it were coming close to here. Nellie LOVES SuperWhy!
    Mommy Boots recently posted..Ten Things I’d Rather Do Than Listen to Nickleback

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