Eye Spy… and so does he!

Awhile ago we went to the eye doctor with Mason, and were told he’d need glasses. Unfortunately, that visit didn’t go very well and so today we had to head back to get his prescription. I was nervous about it going in – last night I told Mason I was going to dream about the eye doctor and shapes (he asks every night what I will dream about) and he immediately started crying.

Today on the way to the eye doctor he cried and begged me to take him back home. We saw a different doctor this time, and I had already put his eyedrops in so it was supposedly going to be quick and simple. The doctor did a whole slew of tests – pretty sure he did every test available before coming to the conclusion that no, Mason does not need glasses. He said the squinting and closing of one eye might just be a toddler thing, but that he’s glad we are aware of it and watching out for it. He wants us to come back next year or if we start seeing one of Mason’s eyes turning out (or in). I really liked this doctor. He did a great job of explaining everything he was doing to me, and didn’t make me feel crazy for scheduling the appointment. He told me that I was right to come in because frequently when a kid’s eye starts turning out (or in) they will close it to make it stop… fortunately, that’s not what Mason’s doing. He’s just being a goofball.

When this whole mess started, I was anxious about how on earth I’d manage to get Mason to wear his glasses. He hates wearing sunglasses. So of course, it would only make sense that now once we find out he doesn’t need them the child begged…. and begged…. and tantrumed when I said no for some glasses. I did let him have his way a little though – he got to try on the ones we were going to buy one more time ;)

Handsome little dude isn’t he?

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