Get yourself teethed!

A few of my friends, Veronica and Joanna, have been absolutely raving about this new service called TeetheMe. So when I got the chance to do a review myself, I was super excited. I’m fairly certain I frightened the delivery man when I went bounding down the steps and out the front door ripping the package out of his hands and muttering a quick thanks as I dashed inside to see what was in it. My Teethe Me box arrived at probably the worst possible time A and I were busy… late as usual… and running around frantically trying to make up time. And yet? I was too excited. I plopped myself on the couch and tore into my Teethe Me box to see what was inside.

I didn’t get any cute pictures, so check out some other reviews to see gorgeous pictures of the contents of the box. I was too thrilled and excited (and rushed since A was screaming at me to get off the couch and help finish getting the kids ready), so I snapped one quick picture of the box, and then tore into it scattering everything around me in a happy fit of excitement.

So what was in the box?

Teething Bling This stuff has been on my favorites list for years. I have a bunch already and was more than happy to add another necklace to my collection.

L’oved Baby Bib  Super soft, maybe a little small for my taste but probably a fantastic bib for younger babes that are drooling up a storm. I took this and the next product to a friend with a younger baby and she was thrilled, it went right on to little baby Abby!

Le Bibble a little bottle bib type thing. It’s pretty cool. I would’ve kept it, but Audrey doesn’t do bottles, and I knew baby Abby would use it :) It’s a soft ring that goes around the bottle to catch any dribbles from your baby’s mouth, or the bottle itself. Very cool product and a fantastic idea.

Greenleaf Sachet When I first opened the box I was amazed at how great it smelled. At first, I thought it was scented tissue paper or something like that, but I eventually realized it was actually this little sachet packet. The sachet has found it’s way into the kids’ bathroom (where the diaper pail is) and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t walk through the bathroom a couple extra times each day just to catch a whiff.

Lula Clips This my friends, is the reason TeetheMe is so cool. A new product I had never (and probably wouldn’t have otherwise) heard of that I fell instantly in love with. Lula Clips are little hand pins with magnets inside. They go on the sides of your carseat to hold the harness out of the way when you put your baby in. GENIUS. It’s products like these that make me wonder why I didn’t think of this. I had never heard of them, but am 110% sure I need another set for Mason’s carseat (especially since he requests them each time he sees Audrey’s).

You can sign up to get Teethed too! A subscription to TeetheMe is just $24/month which gets you a box of product (worth well  over $24!) sent straight to your door every single month. There’s also a quickly growing online community on the TeetheMe website of moms writing reviews of the products they got, their favorite products in general, and just regular old mom chat. TeetheMe is a relatively new service, and something I am super excited about. Sign up today and GET TEETHED!

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