Not enough time

There just isn’t enough time for me to write about how much fun the kids, A, and I had this past week. We headed up to Baltimore to celebrate Easter with my family. This year, Mason REALLY got the whole Easter Bunny thing. He woke up Easter morning and the first words out of his mouth were “The Easter Bunny! He brought me a basket with presents!” Anyway, we are home and back to our regular busy schedules so I don’t have time to type up all of the stories I want to share – especially because I have a few really amazing products and services that I need to share with all of you too!! And yet, I know better than to leave you all in the dark – so here’s a quick photo dump of our past week :)

Mason loves cooking. With everyone… but especially Mom Rom

Easter Egg Hunt #1, with Uncle Paul. Usually, we all hunt for eggs on Easter, but since Uncle Paul is a big college kid now he had to go back to school on Sunday. So he got to search for his eggs a little early – and we thought we’d let Mason look too so he’d start to understand the concept. It only took Mason about 2 eggs before he was racing around the yard hunting for eggs and snatching them up before looking around for more.

As you can see, we take Easter Egg Hunts pretty seriously around here. Which is why my 20 year old brother (and my 32 year old husband…. and my 28 year old self) still participate :)

Finally, it was Easter and the kids found their baskets, dove right in, and emptied them before we headed off to Church (where there was another Easter Egg hunt that Mason tore up), then over to my Aunt E’s for our regular Easter Egg hunt, and family dinner.

On Monday, we headed back to Kiddie Crusoe with some of our old friends. It was a ton of fun, and I have lots of pictures, but my favorites are from when Mason and Audrey rode on the “roller coaster.”

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  1. Veronica says:

    More than cute. Beyond cute. They are both precious and omg look at those little sandals. Happy you guys had an awesome Easter. Great family tradition you guys have xoxo
    Veronica recently posted..Killing me with cuteness

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