Feeding the Zoo with #cbias


Lately, A has been working nights so we haven’t gotten much time in the evenings as a family. So yesterday, I thought it might be fun to treat the family to something fun. We headed out to Walmart and went shopping for a family movie and snacks.

I’ve been making some pretty elaborate dinners lately (more about that in a week or two) and so I wanted something light but yummy for dessert. We strolled around through the grocery section and a new product caught my eye – Del Monte fruit cups. I know fruit cups have been around for ever, but these particular ones were new – peaches in a sauce of cinnamon and brown sugar. It sounded pretty good. I liked the idea that it would be pretty sweet, but also wouldn’t be heavy and would have some (though limited) nutritional value ;) Because I’m me… I also picked up some whipped cream to toss on top of it.

Then we headed over to the electronics section to scope out movies. I didn’t really know what to pick, but eventually landed on We Bought a Zoo. It just released yesterday and has some big names in it (Matt Damon and Scarlett Johanssen), but also seemed kid friendly. Since the movie was all about animals (at least that’s what I assumed!) I thought it would be fun to treat the animals to a special night too. The kids and I headed over to the pet department and I let the kids pick out treats for each of the pets. We also grabbed them some of their regular food – Meow Mix and Kibbles N Bits in new flavors as a surprise.

As I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed, we were at Walmart for awhile. I’m not complaining though – it’s one of my favorite stores. As I always do when at Walmart, I ended up buying more than just what I went for – which I’m also not complaining about.

You can see more pictures from our shopping trip and movie night in my Google+ story here.

The kids and I headed home, had dinner and fed the animals – who were both pretty happy about their new food but weren’t really interested in me in their face with my camera to snap a picture. After dinner the whole family headed upstairs. We got the kids ready for bed, had some dessert (a pretty big hit!) and turned on the movie. Even Liberty joined us for the movie. Ruca had gone outside, but she came in about halfway through and sat on my lap (by then the kids had gone to bed though!).

The movie is SUPER cute. I wasn’t really expecting to care as much as I did. It’s very difficult lately to find a movie the entire family can enjoy. Something that will hold the kid’s attention and also entertain A and I is hard to come by. We Bought a Zoo did. It had animals which kept Mason watching, but had an actual story and real people… which was a pleasant change from the constant stream of Curious George and Fresh Beat Band that are usually playing on the TV in this house. I felt a special kind of connection to the movie. When I was little, I always wanted to have a zoo. Now that I’m older? I still want to have a zoo. And a Matt Damon of my own wouldn’t be awful either ;) We Bought a Zoo is a very touching story for the animal lover in you. It made me happy my furbabies were snuggling with me and A while we watched the movie – because I kept wanting to give them just a little extra love or an extra pet. It’s also a touching movie for the romantic in all of us. Without becoming your typical romance, the movie provides a sweet and touching story.

Want to copy our date night? I totally don’t mind… but be smart about it and grab some coupons first!! There’s a $0.50 off Del Monte fruit cups coupon in this month’s issue of First for Women Magazine. You can also save $4 off the movie We Bought a Zoo by purchasing any 2 Del Monte products. All of the products we purchased (except the generic whipped cream) were Del Monte – from the pet food to the human food!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias
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8 Responses to Feeding the Zoo with #cbias

  1. Maria says:

    That sounds like a great family night! I love nothing more than pajamas, blankets, snuggles and Matt Damon… er… I mean a good movie to end a good day.
    Maria recently posted..Day 6: Welcome Womb

  2. I think when you purchase a Zoo, a complimentary Matt Damon should always be included! That dessert looked awesome! I’ve heard pretty good things about the movie, but hadn’t decided if we wanted to rent it or not. Ben’s family is coming up this week for Easter so it may be added to our to-do list. :)
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..Kmart Easter Build-a-Basket Challenge

  3. If there is one thing that I miss during the hockey season (since we’re all the way over here in Germany), it’s those last-minute trips to Target or Walmart to grab a few treats before a family night in! A movie, a snack. Whatever! I’ll have to check out We Bought a Zoo when we get home. For obvious reasons, I’m a little out of touch with new releases! And hey, maybe we’ll even give those yummy fruit cups a try! Sounds like you guys had a great night!

    P.S. If you figure out how to snag your own Matt Damon, be sure to pass that info this way! ;)
    Hockey Wife (@HockeyWife_22) recently posted..Thanks, Tips.

  4. Sounds like a great evening. I’ve heard a lot about the movie but haven’t checked it out yet. And I do love some peach cups :)
    Life According to Amanda recently posted..Journaling to God

  5. This sounds like fun! We love having movie nights at our house but ours aren’t as healthy. It is usually popcorn and candy. ;)
    Jayme (The Random Blogette) recently posted..Dove Men + Care – Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin – Review & Giveaway

  6. Sara says:

    I love Matt Damon. I saw that movie preview and it looks like a perfect family date night movie! Gotta ask … what is up with your tv? Do you have a projector rather than a tv??
    Sara recently posted..Meet My Husband

  7. Lala Sams says:

    Love the little doggie….you know he was lovin all the loving!

  8. Summer Davis says:

    So is Walmart REALLY one of your favorite stores???? The fruit looked amazing, especially with the whipped cream on top. It literally made me drool but since I don’t eat sugar anymore, I am going to have to figure something else out. Grrr.
    Summer Davis recently posted..“Bad Parenting” Techniques That I Practice Daily: Part 2

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