A mini-vacay

On Sunday, A and I decided to pack up the kids and dog for a trip to the beach. We threw together an overnight bag and headed to the beach 40(ish) minutes from our house. When we got there, it started pouring down rain. So we officially made the decision to find a hotel and stay overnight. It’s not really necessary to stay overnight since it’s a quick drive, but we thought it might be fun to have a little mini, impromptu vacation and when it was raining and we had nothing to do, that pretty much sealed the deal. The rain only lasted about an hour, and so once it cleared up we headed out to the beach. Although dogs are allowed on the beach, we chose to leave her in the hotel this time since we weren’t really sure what was going to happen with our evening. It was chilly, but we still had a great time out on the beach.

The next morning we got up excited for a day at the beach. On our way to breakfast, Mason insisted on holding the dog’s leash. The dog, also excited to be coming along this time, pulled him down almost immediately which sent us all back to the hotel to take care of the blood, snot, and tears that come with a busted lip. We got him some ice cream for breakfast and the lip was forgotten while we enjoyed a gorgeous day at the beach.

Having the dog on the beach with us was pretty fun. She spent most of the time digging a hole for herself under our beach chairs, or watching the kids. She was pretty cute – barking only when someone passed too close to one of her babies, or to greet other dogs walking down the beach; but always just a single yip to let everyone know she was there and knew what was going on. She was pretty indifferent to the water. We took her down to the water a few times and she would get her feet wet, but she wasn’t bounding into the ocean – that said, she also wasn’t running away in fear which is what A and I mostly expected.

Overall, we had a great time. Not sure how often we’ll be paying to stay in a hotel, but it was REALLY nice to be there with everything early in the morning. It took a lot of the stress out since we had done all the packing and loading the kids into the car the night before. We just got up and went. Getting off the beach and fun was a chore and a half. Certainly not something I’m willing… or probably able to do without help, so trips to the beach with just me and the kids are probably going to be few and far between… if I even actually do it!

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  1. Cole says:

    I wish we had a beach 40 minutes away – ours take about 2 hours… And it won’t really be beach weather until June… Totally jealous! LOVE the matching bikinis :)
    Cole recently posted..Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

  2. SHUTUP you and your daughter have matching swimsuits! LOVE!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted..pick me up Monday

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