My Baby isn’t a Baby!

Audrey is 11 months today!! Can you believe it?!?!? Her pictures this month were even more challenging as she DOES NOT SIT STILL ever.

Did I mention I had an assistant today? He was oh so helpful.

What do you think of Mason’s curls?? I’ve been wanting to grow his hair out for awhile, and so I told A we weren’t cutting his hair until the new year (A likes it short). Now Mason gets asked every other day (sometimes every day) if he’d like a hair cut… so far he’s always said no. I can’t decide which I like. When his hair is curly and long I say I love it. And then we cut it and I say I love that. I think I’d like him with his hair any possible way ;)

So I have 1 month before Audrey’s first birthday. I started planning Mason’s first birthday approximately 5 months in advance. I have yet to even think about Audrey’s. Sure, I have a board on pinterest with tons of cutesy things I want to do for her… but I need a theme and a color scheme and a date and all that before I can really look at that board and start decorating/crafting/buying.

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3 Responses to My Baby isn’t a Baby!

  1. Mom Rom says:

    My sweet baby girl. She is so grown up. The turtle keeps getting smaller.

    Love the curls! He looks more like his uncle every day!

    Think about Presidents weekend for a party. That’s when I may be able to come down. Or of course, y’all could come up:)

    Did I ever say how beautiful my grandchildren are? Happy 11 months little Audrey!

  2. She is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Joanna {Baby Gators Den} recently posted..Gigi’s Glitzy Boutique Giveaway

  3. Sara says:

    She looks so cute!!! OMG how much she has grown since the last time I saw her!
    Sara recently posted..What Would You Do?

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