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So as a very select (and by very select I mean my real-life friends and family) few of you know… Mom Rom and Pop Pop bought a beach house!!! We headed “down the ocean” for the first time this weekend and had a blast. we hardly even made it to the beach, we were so busy exploring the new neighborhood and the boardwalk :) The only bad thing about our weekend? There’s no internet (yet??) and so I couldn’t update each day and instead ended up with 588 pictures that I have to pick and choose from to post. So… sorry for the picture overload. But there’s a lot of good ones.

I think that's my spot!

Just through the backyard, there is an incredible park. We went twice this weekend… the first time it was just us and I’m not sure who had more fun… M or his Daddy!!

This park is boring!

On Saturday there was a parade to celebrate the Ravens. It was the first time M (or TNB) had been to a parade. We weren’t really sure what to expect, and A HATES parades, but even he had a good time! I think we did it perfectly – we chanced into some really great seats. We were right on the curb right at the start of the parade, so everyone was happy and speedy when walking past us… and they all had plenty of candy and other stuff to hand out to us! M spent most of the time touching or on top of someone. He kept saying “more more more” as each float or group went by, but you could tell he was a little nervous about things too.

If you live in Baltimore… shoot, if you’ve ever been to a Raven’s game, you probably recognize this guy! This is “Captain Defense.” He’s just a super big Raven’s fan that started dressing up for and going to every single game. Now all of Maryland knows who he is and totally adores him!

I don’t know what this is… but I thought it was pretty cool!

I think even TNB had a good time… she managed to stay awake for the entire parade!!

M loved the parade… but he loved the walk back to the car even more!! I can’t imagine why…

Saturday afternoon we tried going to the pool. It was a disaster. The water was really cold and so even though M was interested once he actually got in he was totally over it and wanted out ASAP. Later that afternoon, we went back to the park again. This time, there were even more adults to have entirely too much fun on the playground entertain M.

I stayed awake for this??

Saturday night we headed out to the boardwalk to get dinner. Afterwards we fed the birds some leftover french fries and played in the sand some. M had SO MUCH FUN in the sand. He ran and jumped, he threw sand (and got yelled at for it), he spun around in circles, and he started just tossing himself forward, face first, into the sand and making sand angels. I couldn’t stop giggling at my little boy, and he was having such a blast!!

That bright yellow dot? That's my son attempting a headstand

He only got a little sandy...

And what was TNB doing? Well, she was eating… and eating…. and watching her big brother from the comfort (and warmth!) of her seat.

Today we finally tried to hit the beach. Unfortunately, it was a little gloomy… both the weather and my son’s mood! It seems as though M had such a fun, busy day on Saturday that he just couldn’t do it anymore today and crashed. He was grumpy. Though, he did really enjoy the laundry. The beach house has a front loader, and M had a blast watching. So much so, that he made everyone come and sit with him. So there we sat… watching the laundry get clean.


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  1. Joanna says:

    I love the pictures!! You are so lucky to have a beach house, looks like it was an awesome family weekend :)
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